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Julia & Max

Many of you have been interested in learning the Deep and Profound Meditation Technique that we have practiced daily for over 35 years. This meditation technique is a simple, natural practice that expands the Mind & Heart, resulting in deep rest & daily healing. It is of the Vedic Tradition.

You Are Warmly Invited To Join The Next Meditation Course

We are privileged to have Dr. Mahapatra teach this course while he is staying in Asheville. Dr. Mahapatra ("Maha") is an illustrious Master and teacher of Vedic Tradition from India, including meditation. He is a delightful man who expresses the deepest knowledge in the most profound, yet simple way. Dr. Mahapatra (known by his peers as Maha in the US) has been working as a stress management counselor for a reputable finance company in DC. He is an MD, specialized in Radiation Oncology, though recently he has solely been involved in teaching Vedic Meditation.

Each class progresses with more Knowledge as one’s experience grows. All classes are necessary to receive full benefits from your Mediation Practice. Space is very limited, so please contact Julia at 252-3100 ASAP with questions or to reserve your spot. We look forward to sharing this profound knowledge and experience with you.












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