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Julia Monet-Bolka & Max Bolka

Ayurvedic Stress Management Workshop

presented by Julia Monet-Bolka and Max Bolka

Contact Julia for scheduling this workshop

Introduction To Ayurveda

Living In Harmony With The Rhythms of Nature
What's Your Dosha?

Loving Your Self

Yoga (Asanas)
Breathing Exercises (Pranyama)
Meditation (Vedic Meditation)

Loving Your Body

Diet, Nutrition & Weight Loss
Eating Well & Feeling Good
Food As Medicine
Self Massage (Abhyanga)
Ayurvedic Exercise
Nourishing Your Skin From The Inside

Ayurvedic Ideal Daily Routine

Daily, Seasonal & Lifetime Cycles

Loving Others

10 Ways To Improve Relationships


About Julia & Max

Julia Monet-Bolka

Julia Monet-Bolka is an Ayurvedic Consultant, Skincare Specialist and a Clothing Designer in Asheville. Born in Canada, Julia grew up in the world of competitive figure skating, and later, turned professional, establishing a career with Ice Follies. After achieving her childhood dreams, she focused her passion on inner growth, studying with Vedic Masters from India and around the world. She is a master teacher of many Vedic disciplines, including Vedic meditation, yoga, beauty, health, cooking, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Julia consults, teaches, designs and produces her own line of JMonet Women's Clothing and Organic Ayurvedic Skin Care in Asheville where she lives with her husband Max and daughter Simone.

Max Bolka

Max Bolka is a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry who served a nationwide financial planning and investment clientele. Simultaneously over the past three decades he became a student, teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda, the 5,000-year old science of life from India. Today he blends these two diverse areas into a coherent, consciousness-based business and personal development consulting practice, providing professional speaking, writing, one-on-one coaching and group workshops that "build enlightened entrepreneurs."
His latest book entitled, "Success Is A State of Mind" is an anthology in which he appears with Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Deepak Chopra.













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