India .....
a trip of a lifetime! Wild, wonderful, magnificent, challenging, surrendering, boundary breaking, expanding .... we worked directly with the Indians, in business consulting, textiles, Ayurveda and staying in their humble homes! A precious opportunity that we will always remember.

The Majestic and Magnificent Taj Mahal

Max speaking to 1500 Financial Planners at a Conference in Agra. They loved him!

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Semi-precious stones hand placed in marble at the
Taj Mahal

A typical street in Delhi...everyone was so calm, even the cows!

What to choose?

How much can we pack in our suitcases?

Our precious friend Debassis

Their Pride, Grace and Joy was contagious

An evening with The Jain's of Delhi. We dined royally in their home

The Majestic and Holy, Black Face Monkey...
his eyes were as deep as the ocean with sweetness

India changed us forever in ways we are discovering as time and life goes by ...
We are humbled and grateful for this opportunity and return again and again!
In Grace and Beauty,


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